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Rates last updated time: 2020-07-01 10:44:56
Country Symbol Buy Sell
AED United Arab Emirates AED 0.325 0.38541
ARS Argentina ARS 0.02088 0.02638
AUD Australia AUD 0.86567 0.95224
CHF Switzerland CHF 1.27389 1.40799
CLP Chile CLP 0.0016 0.002
CNY China CNY 0.17668 0.19924
EUR Euro Member Countries EUR 1.43658 1.48034
GBP United Kingdom GBP 1.65678 1.75926
HKD Hong Kong HKD 0.15367 0.18238
IDR Indonesia IDR 0.00008 0.0001
JPY Japan JPY 0.01105 0.01309
KRW Korea (South) KRW 0.00107 0.00119
LBP Lebanon LBP 0.00083 0.00091
LKR Sri Lanka LKR 0.0069 0.00762
MXN Mexico MXN 0.05829 0.07633
MYR Malaysia MYR 0.29253 0.34341
NZD New Zealand NZD 0.78691 1.00549
SGD Singapore SGD 0.92221 1.01929
THB Thailand THB 0.03491 0.0515
TRL Turkey TRL 0.21038 0.26574
USD United States of America USD 1.303 1.327
UYU Uruguay UYU 0.03369 0.04255


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Our Offices

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127 E 14 Lonsdale, North Vancouver

+1 604-256-6000


Beyazit Mah, Kurkculer Carsisi Rubi Han No. 5/3 Beyazit - Kapalicarsi

+90 212 520 1987

+90 532 065 1987


Burj Khalifa, Floor 142, Monex

+97 156-185-1590


No. 1, World Trade Center, Ferdowsi Str.

+98 912-003-0301